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Eyecare Plan

Eyecare Plan

We've developed our Eyecare Plan for those of you who would like a "complete eyecare package" that also helps you get great looking glasses regularly.  The Eyecare Plan will suit you if you feel that you need to spend more on your frames, or your prescription needs high index lenses, or if you are a regular contact lens wearer.  The Eyecare Plan allow you to spread the cost and ensures that you get the best possible peace of mind when it comes to looking after your eyes.

Simply fill out a standing order mandate when you come for your sight test, and we will do the rest.  The monthly standing order is mutually decided to suit your needs, from £7 per month.

  •    eye examinations
  •   digital retinal photographs
  •   emergency appointments
  •   Special reduced spectacle prices
  •   No loss of NHS entitlement
  •   Easy & affordable by standing order payments

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