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Contact Lenses

Choosing the right type of Contact LensesCosmetic contact lens

The improvements in contact lens technology over the last few years means that contact lenses are now a very viable alternative to spectacles for most people - from teenagers to octagenarians!

During a contact lens assessment, our optometrists can advise you about the type of contact lenses that most suit your requirements.  Some people like to wear contact lenses occasionally, such as for sports or special events.  Others feel it's important to be able to wear their contact lenses 24 hours a day.

As Independent Opticians, we fit all the leading brands of contact lenses, but our most popular range are Alcon contact lenses, including their NEW "Alcon Dailies Total 1 Multifocal", as well as "Alcon Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus Multifocal", "Alcon AirOptix Aqua", "Alcon AirOptix Aqua Multifocal", "Alcon Night & Day".

We can supply other makes if needed, such as "Acuvue 1-Day TruEye", "Biomedics One-Day",  "Clariti 1-Day",  "Acuvue Oasys",  "FreshcareXC",  "Proclear Compatibles",  "PureVision 2",  "Biofinity",  "Hydron Z6",  and most gas permeable lenses.

Some contact lenses have superior comfort and some have 100% UV radiation protection.

applying a contact lensCertain prescriptions need specialised lenses, so we also fit "toric" versions of these contact lenses for patients with astigmatism, and multifocal/bifocal contact lenses for patients who need reading prescriptions, as well as the cosmetic "coloured" contact lenses for those who want to change their eye colour - or just simply to help in handling the lenses.

Mum's & Dad's sometimes would like to give their teenagers the opportunity of having contact lenses, but they worry about health & compliance issues.  In fact, most kids absorb all the necessary information very quickly and are surprisingly very aware of risks.  They understand contact lenses in just the same way as they understand mobile phones!

We stock a good range of contact lens solutions, such as "Alcon OptiFree PureMoist", and accessories for all types of soft lenses, hard gas-permeable lenses, silicone hydrogel lenses.

Most patients wish to spread the cost of buying their contact lenses and aftercare.  We recommend the option of monthly payments by standing order (see our  ).  There will be a suitable package that is most convenient for you.






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